Couch to 5k


Monday nights 7.30pm at Boom Fit
Couch to 5k group walk/jog/run also on Saturday mornings 9.30am
No matter how slow you are, your still lapping people that are sitting on the couch!!!
Make that your motivation

LBT Extreme


Classes are not just for the ladies! 
Legs bums and tums is a great way for all fitness levels.



Boxiercise is a great way for women & men to gain a fantastic level of fitness and overall health & well-being.
Whether your starting from a couch potato or have been involved in fitness all your life My Boxercise has everything to offer you.

Why not get a group of friends and come train together in a “personal training” style workout with Me, Paul Davidson.

Make a booking today and get your fitness through the roof.

Come train with me in our private PT studio/Gym NOW!

Stability ball


Body Sculpt



Indoor/outdoor (seasonal) bootcamp aimed at shaking you up and getting you fit! Get fit with a great bunch of people


AB RIPPER X ....Sculpt the six-pack abs of your dreams and benefit your health and physical performance.

CARDIO X..... Low-impact cardio routine that is a fun fat-burning workout that will leave you feeling lean and mean.

PLYO > X ...... Explosive jumping cardio routine proven to dramatically improve athletic performance.

STRETCH> X.... Achieve a higher level of athleticism over a longer period of time, plus prevent injuries and avoid plateaus.


Kettle Bell


Kettlebells offer a different kind of training using dynamic moves targeting almost every aspect of fitness – endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio endurance.

People love it because it’s challenging, efficient and you only need one piece of equipment.

Kettlebell training can be done in a 1-2-1 personal training style or a group of 4 friends looking to train hard together.

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